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Plus Size Outfit – Grown Up Pants

If you know me IRL, you know two things about me: #1 – I love cheese. #2 – I hate pants. I don’t know when the hatred of pants started. Back in the day, it was all I wore! But at some point, I started hating the way they fit my body (which in turn […]

Plus Size Outfit – Murder, She Wrote

Things I am awesome at: Coming up with cute outfits for Plus Size Outfit posts. Things I am terrible at: Taking pictures of said outfits. The biggest hindrance to me taking good outfit pictures is two-fold. First, my photographer (aka my very kind husband) is usually at work by the time I get dressed. Second, […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Christmas Eve

Christmas has come and gone, and I’m equal parts relieved and sad. I’m relieved because I was sick for 2 weeks before Christmas, so there was a mad dash there at the end to get all the presents purchased and wrapped, the Christmas cards sent, and the outfit for Christmas Even chosen. I’m sad because […]

Shopping Haul – Nordstrom’s Winter Sale

There are a lot of things that make me happy. Time with my family, hanging with my huge pile of fluff (my cat Widget), a good book, time with the boyfriend, a well-written thank you note, and so on. But nothing – NOTHING – gives me the same fluttery, excited feeling as the phrase NORDSTROM […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Comfy Clothes

As excited as I am about working from home, I have already noticed one BIG change. I hardly get dressed in real clothes! If I have a meeting or am working from the office one day, I’ll get up and do my hair and makeup and put on clothes. But if I’m just hanging and […]

My Monday….Umm…..Wednesday Shopping Cart

See how I did that? I totally called myself out on the laziness of not posting on Monday. I wish I had some awesome reason, but I am at a loss. With the craziness of SXSW quickly approaching along with some other projects I’m working on, I am stretched a little thin right now. But […]