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What’s In My Bag Featuring My New Bags!

I’ve been meaning┬áto write this new purse post for over a month, when I got my first new purse. But then I realized it wasn’t my ideal everyday purse. I’d gotten to used to my Vera Bradley crossbody for daily use. So I added another purse to the collection! Adam and I were trying a […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Stripes and Chucks

It’s been FOREVER since I posted anything, let alone a plus size outfit post. Like at least 6 months……. or like 4 weeks……. WHATEVER, that’s way too long! To be honest, I just haven’t been getting dressed much. Work and my brain have kept me busy, and neither of those things are terribly conducive to […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Shopping for the Seeesters!

Sometimes I feel like a giant douchebag doing this shopping cart. It feels sort of…… I don’t know…….. selfish? It’s just an endless list of things I want. Luckily, I don’t just want things for me; I want them for others as well! I have a whole folder of bookmarks of things that I want […]

My Monday….Umm…..Wednesday Shopping Cart

See how I did that? I totally called myself out on the laziness of not posting on Monday. I wish I had some awesome reason, but I am at a loss. With the craziness of SXSW quickly approaching along with some other projects I’m working on, I am stretched a little thin right now. But […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Odds and Ends

Sometimes, I have a super cohesive shopping cart; last week it was nail stuff, a few weeks back it was accesories. Most of the time though, my shopping cart is as random as my brain. This is one of those weeks! Chevron Tangerine Tunic Dress – Big Bang Boutique I discovered this boutique over the […]