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Shoes Are My Achilles Heel

That sounds dramatic, right? But more than anything, shoes are my biggest weakness! I know what you are thinking. You are like, Cathy you buy lip colors and markers way more than you do shoes. Friend, I know!! But that’s the point. I try to avoid shoes at all costs because I will go totally […]

Plus Size Outfits – Dressing Up And Self Care

When I’m down – like REALLY down – it’s hard for me to care for myself. Everyday tasks are tough, and sometimes just taking a shower seems like a marathon. Self care generally goes out the window pretty quickly, which means makeup and dressing up are pretty far down the list as well. But I’m […]

New Shoes For The Fall

UPDATE ON NORDSTROM EVENT: The first event is happening! Scroll to the bottom of this post for information and a link to RSVP. Now, let’s get to the important stuff: SHOES!! I always get new shoes for the fall, and I’ve had a string of good shoe luck lately. I wasn’t even really looking for […]

All The Shoe Shopping

I’m not going to lie; I haven’t done a lot of clothes or shoe shopping this year. With the exception of buying myself a ton of new workout clothes (which were a necessity with all of the working out I’m into these days!) most of my purchases as a late have been makeup related. In addition, […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Day of the Dead Dress

Back in the day, during the wedding madness, I mentioned sharing my rehearsal outfit…… and then I never did! I even posted a teaser pic! That was just rude of me, and I am truly sorry. Luckily, it gave me the boost I needed to take a big step in my blogging – better pictures! […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Jewelry Habit and Regular Clothes

Today’s plus size outfit post is a mish-mash of cool stuff. First, it’s featuring a badass necklace I got from the fine folks at Jewelry Habit. You know how I pretty much always wear an owl necklace? Well, I’m trying to branch out these days. But finding necklaces that fit all of my criteria is […]

Shopping Season for Shoes

I was cleaning my closet a couple of weeks ago (a miracle, I know) and I noticed that I was lacking in the shoe department. I have a decent number of shoes, but I’m definitely dwindling on shoes I actually wear. I have some flats that are getting really old and need to be replaced, […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – A Whole Lotta Gray

I wrote in my last plus size outfit post that I loooooove gray. Apparently I love it so much, I’m wearing it again!   Tunic top – X-Two c/o Gwynnie Bee | Skirt – Old Navy | Belt- I have no idea, it’s like 3 year old | Shoes – Nine West (last year) | […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Leopard Print Shoes

I know it’s been a while right? I haven’t done a shopping cart in forever; I just haven’t been super inspired to window shop lately. Sad but true….. Luckily a sad thing happened recently, and it pushed me back to some window shopping. After some not so great news at the shoe hospital, I’ve had […]