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My Monday Shopping Cart – For The Graduation

You know those parents that get all teary-eyed over the milestones in their kids lives….. AKA every parent on the planet? That’s me right now. Granted, she’s not my kid, but my little sister is about to graduate from college in a week. Am I insanely proud? You bet. Am I bawling like a baby […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Functional Fashion

This working at home thing has really taken a toll on my dressing skills. More often than not, I stay in yoga pants and a shirt all day everyday. And frankly, it’s making it hard to write a fashion blog! So I’ve decided that I have to start getting dressed everyday like I’m going to […]

My Monday/Tuesday Shopping Cart – Blackout Party

Though I am writing this on Monday, I probably won’t get it out until Tuesday, so it’s my Monday/Tuesday Shopping Cart! In my defense, I was working hard on other stuff so I got sidetracked. Onto the clothes! My boyfriend has a BFF named Wesley who lives in a big house with three other guys. […]

My Tuesday Shopping Cart – Christmas Cocktail Parties

I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned this, but I recently got laid off. Nothing dramatic or ugly – just a company that needed to save money. I’m not hurt or upset – we parted on great terms and I wish them nothing but the best. However, I have now been gypped out of my […]

Interview Attire

So, I’ve been at my job for about seven months. I do some social media and a ton of community management and I love it. Well, on Friday I was laid off. Nothing bad – strictly a money/restructuring thing. I am sad to be leaving my friends, but I’m parting on great terms. Onward and […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Wedding Dresses

That title freaked you out a little didn’t it?? Don’t worry, I don’t mean bridal wedding dresses – I mean dresses for me to wear as a guest to a wedding! My friend Rachel is getting married at the end of May and I will be attending. It’s an evening wedding and while it’s not […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Short Sleeve Sweaters

While most people welcome the arrival of spring, I look at it with a mixture of relief and dread. The relief is from winter finally being over (like we really have winter in Texas), and the dread is from the impending Texas summer that is quickly approaching. One of my least favorite things about summer […]