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Plus Size Outfit – Fall Fashion Preview

I have made it no secret that I am dying for it to be fall weather here in Austin! I know, I know…… it’s not going to cool down until Halloween at the earliest. But a girl can dream, right? In my fall shopping post, I shared some sweaters that I was borderline obsessed with […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – A Little Black Dress Goes A Long Way

As I mentioned in my previous plus size outfit post, I have been feeling my look lately. That is awesome for two reasons: It means my depression has eased enough to where I feel good about ME again!! I can get creative with my clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories again! Needless to say, I’ve been […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Christmas Eve

Christmas has come and gone, and I’m equal parts relieved and sad. I’m relieved because I was sick for 2 weeks before Christmas, so there was a mad dash there at the end to get all the presents purchased and wrapped, the Christmas cards sent, and the outfit for Christmas Even chosen. I’m sad because […]

My Three Favorite Items Right Now

I’m always writing about new items, things I want, and my style inspirations. But rarely do I talk about what are my current favorite items are. So, without further ado, my favorite three pieces right now! My black and white tunic/sweater thing I got this sweater from Lane Bryant just a month or so ago, […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Comfy Clothes

As excited as I am about working from home, I have already noticed one BIG change. I hardly get dressed in real clothes! If I have a meeting or am working from the office one day, I’ll get up and do my hair and makeup and put on clothes. But if I’m just hanging and […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Short Sleeve Sweaters

While most people welcome the arrival of spring, I look at it with a mixture of relief and dread. The relief is from winter finally being over (like we really have winter in Texas), and the dread is from the impending Texas summer that is quickly approaching. One of my least favorite things about summer […]

That Time I Got Dressed…… Last Week

Remember that day last week when I was all “Hey I took an outfit picture!!” and then I jokingly said it was going to take a week to post it? Well guess what friends; that was NO joke. It really has taken me a week to post it……. Me out and about ……. wearing pants! […]