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My Monday Shopping Cart – Leopard Print Shoes

I know it’s been a while right? I haven’t done a shopping cart in forever; I just haven’t been super inspired to window shop lately. Sad but true….. Luckily a sad thing happened recently, and it pushed me back to some window shopping. After some not so great news at the shoe hospital, I’ve had […]

My Three Favorite Items Right Now

I’m always writing about new items, things I want, and my style inspirations. But rarely do I talk about what are my current favorite items are. So, without further ado, my favorite three pieces right now! My black and white tunic/sweater thing I got this sweater from Lane Bryant just a month or so ago, […]

My Wednesday Shopping Cart – The Utterly Ridiculous

I like to think I’m a pretty smart shopper. I almost always wait for a sale, I hoard coupon codes, and I’m not above using my “fashion blogger” title to ask for free shipping. That being said, I have a (not so) deep dark secret. I like some crazy stuff. And I don’t mean crazy […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Odds and Ends

Sometimes, I have a super cohesive shopping cart; last week it was nail stuff, a few weeks back it was accesories. Most of the time though, my shopping cart is as random as my brain. This is one of those weeks! Chevron Tangerine Tunic Dress – Big Bang Boutique I discovered this boutique over the […]

That Time I Got Dressed…… Last Week

Remember that day last week when I was all “Hey I took an outfit picture!!” and then I jokingly said it was going to take a week to post it? Well guess what friends; that was NO joke. It really has taken me a week to post it……. Me out and about ……. wearing pants! […]