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2019 Word of the Year

I know that January is finally over, but I am finally ready to share my word of the year! I wrote a recap of 2018, and I spent a lot of time ruminating on what the word for this year would be. I had an idea of what I wanted to do this year, but […]

2018 Word of the Year

It’s already mid-January, and I’m just now getting around to my Word of the Year post! Better late than never, right? I’ve done my Word of the Year for the last few years (2017 and 2015 for sure), and 2018 is no exception. So what is my focus going to be this year? This year, […]

2017 Goals and Latest Closet Acquistions

Though I forgot to do this last year, I am reviving my tradition of my Word of the Year! Every year, I pick a word that will be my guide for my life. I’m shaking it up this year because I have chose…… TWO WORDS!! I’ve picked one to apply to my style and one […]

My Word Of The Year for 2015 – You Won’t Believe What I Chose!

So, the last few years, I’ve chosen words instead of New Year’s resolutions. They are meant to be my watchword for the year, and to help me strive for greater things in the new year. I don’t usually blog about it; I just sort of mention it on Facebook, then bury it in hopes that […]