What’s it like to work with Cathy360?
Let’s ask some of the past and present clients.

Dr. Michael Finkelstein – Slow Medicine Living

“I have been working with Cathy for over 5 years in several capacities and with several organizations. Through it all she has been a constant. Her professionalism and support, in addition to her creativity, organization and easy going nature, have made our work together not only highly effective, but very pleasant. From the beginning, Cathy grasped the essence of our message and helped us develop our strategy and implement our outreach, telling our personal story. She followed through with the metrics and analysis we needed to continuously improve. I’m not sure what I’d do without her devotion and care to the process.”

Loolwa Khazzoom – PR Manager, Healer, Educator, Musician

“I routinely refer my clients to Cathy Tilton for social media work. She is passionate about the social media industry and stays on top of the many changes always taking place – ensuring that my clients are guided in optimally positioning themselves on the platforms that best suit them. She also does a great job learning client brands and messages, then expressing them in social media format – to the extent that I completely hand over to Cathy social media content management, once we have our initial consultation about a client. Added perk: Cathy is super fun to work with – honestly, she should launch a side career in standup comedy!”

Jeremy Berman, Co-Founder and CEO – Dream See Do

“Cathy is absolutely wonderful to work with. She has a high EQ and knowledge of our space. She truly cares about her work and making a positive impact on the world. She’s a great strategist, writer and thoughtful human, using her natural wit, humor and heart in all of her work.”

Chris Larson, DO – Euphora Health

Cathy has been such a pleasure to work with and she makes the process so easy. As a person that doesn’t really use social apps very much in my personal life, I found using it for my business intimidating. Cathy was able to guide me through this process in a way that made it comfortable for me and taught me a few things along the way!

Leah Levy, Content Strategist and Copywriter – Just Start Storytelling

“If I could write a headline for Cathy Benavides (maiden name) it would be, “She just gets it.” I first worked with Cathy when I brought her in to manage the social feeds for the major education website at which I was the managing editor. This was — and continues to be — a big task, as the site garnered a passionate and interactive following that often needed a lot of of back and forth in order to keep that community alive. Cathy kept a friendly, down to earth, positive tone, was great at determining what news to share, and overall, became the voice of the site. But Cathy was more than just the person who handled our everyday social needs. What I most appreciated was her willingness to and excitement at the prospect of working hand in hand with me so that editorial and social strategy fed into and played off of one another. I often developed editorial strategy based on her insight into what our audience was seeking. Once pieces were produced, we brainstormed ideas for maximizing distribution, including running fun hashtag campaigns and reaching out to influencers, so that every piece of editorial we produced had the greatest chances of taking off.

Currently, Cathy is also helping me to build my author’s brand as I shop a middle grade fiction book. I could not do it without her. I was feeling totally overwhelmed by the process, but with Cathy, I get to brainstorm creative ideas that she’s always totally into, and then she takes it upon herself to funnel it all down into manageable tasks.

Cathy is my go-to social media person for every project I do, and I highly recommend her.”