There are so many people that I have to thank. It may seem like a weird thing to include on a website, but it’s important to me to acknowledge that I did not come upon my wit, my humor, and my intelligence all on my own.

My mom: Her name is Debbie, she has 3 daughters and she taught me the meaning of hard work, living with purpose and loving unconditionally.

My dad: He passed away in October 2009, but he was my unfailing support. No matter what I tried, he backed me 100%. Oh and he had 5 daughters and managed to keep a little bit of sanity.

My step-dad: He passed away in November 0f 2013, and he believed in my so hard. Even when I didn’t think I could stand on my own two feet, he knew without a doubt that I would get there. No one was prouder of me than him when I started my business.

My grandma – I’m named after her (yes, my first name is Bonnie) and I’m constantly amazed by all she has done in her life. 5 kids, 15 grandkids (with 5 more married in!) and 10 great grandkids. Her capacity to love her family is mind-blowing.

My sisters:

Bernadette – She is the oldest and a trailblazer. Great mom, great wife and great sister!

Michelle– My only whole sister, my biggest cheerleader, and the other half of my heart. I am NOTHING without her.

Tessa– My sister that is rocking the world. She amazes me with her drive, ambition and passion for learning…. and her mad running skills!

Lauren– Without a doubt, my most creative sister. Her talent astounds me, and her capacity to show love to her family humbles me. She also has a SICK wardrobe and mad style.

Theresa–  My youngest sister. For her young age, she has shown me the true meaning of being yourself. She does what she loves and she doesn’t care what others think. I aspire to be as fearless and unique as her. Also, she loves all things Kylie Jenner, just like I do.


The Friends:

Marisa – We’ve been friends since we were 9 years old. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. She has seen all the highs and lows in my life and continues to love me like a sister.

Gina – We’ve been friends since high school, even though I thought she was too cool for me. She is utterly fearless and I admire her so much.

Ilene – I can honestly say that I would not be doing ANY of this without her. She believed in me before I did, she encouraged me when I couldn’t encourage myself and she introduced me to social media. And she makes me laugh and lets me come over to her house to color. That’s real friendship y’all.

David – He was the first person to really make me feel like I was capable of doing the things I loved. He pushed me, encouraged me and always listens to my boy drama. Secretly, I think he might be too cool for me as well……

Andrea – Even though we’ve only been friends for a relatively short time, she is truly one of the closest friends I have. We share a bond that I don’t think I could ever replace or duplicate. She is truly the kindest and most talented person I know.