The All New Pinterest

If you hang out on the Pinterest at all, you’ve probably seen this infographic:

I believe I repinned it from Mashable. Click on it to enlarge (that’s what she said).

So Pinterest is making some big changes. For the casual user, there is a lot of layout changes. I don’t really have a feeling either way about those. I’m bummed there’s an extra step to comment, but I love the addition of the website button. But what I really want to talk about are the features they’ve removed and the analytics.

It’s like they broke my heart and then mended it all in one fell swoop. So, I get why the did things like limit links to the ones in your profile. Pinterest is a hotbed of spammers that leave links everywhere. So I don’t mind that. I don’t even really mind the new embed link rule. But really, no hashtags? Come on, even Facebook is getting on board. I also think that in this time of intergration, removing the ability to tweet pins and like boards is a step backwards. Why can’t we all just play nice Pinterest??

However, the new web analytics soothed my sad, social media marketer soul. Finding good Pinterest analytics has been touch and go, and the fact that they are integrating them ¬†warms my cold, black heart. I can’t wait to get my page all verified and start obsessing over those stats. Because you know…. it’s not enough to obsess over Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Twitalyzer.

What do you think about the new Pinterest rules?

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