The First Time I Got Dressed This Year – Outfit Post

Okay, that’s not totally true; I have gotten dressed other times this year. But with the BF and I being on vacation for the last week, I do sort of feel like I’ve been slumming it a lot lately. But I had a reason to dress up – fancy new dresses!!

So here’s a story about me and my love of black dresses. I had this black dress for like 5 or 6 years. It was soft and comfortable and easy to wear. I styled it a million ways and I loved it so much. Sadly it was falling apart. Like, starting to get holes and just generally thin and worn. But I couldn’t find another one like it and I couldn’t bear to part with it!

old black dress pubcon

(Photo by Tim Ash at Pubcon 2011)
This is the only picture I could find of this dress. I seriously loved it to death. Too much love!!

So I went to see mah boo Lauren over at the The Clothing Hospital. I took her my sad, falling apart dress and said, “HELP ME!!” And she took my dress, made a pattern and made me two copies – a black one and a navy blue one!! And the best part? She can remake it any time with any fabric because she’s got the pattern!! Seriously, best way to start the new year EVER.

me and LP

This is me and Lauren. I promise, it’s a choke hold of love!

So are you ready for the big reveal? Here is my fancy new and improved black dress!!!

outfit 1-10-2014

Black dress – Custom from The Clothing Hospital | Pink sweater – old and from who knows where | Pink flats – Nine West (sold out) | Purse – gift | Owl Locket – gift

Thank you Lauren for saving me from my holey, old dress. I can’t wait to make more dresses!!

PS – If you are in Austin, take your stuff (custom or alterations) to Lauren at The Clothing Hospital. She’s seriously a genius with clothes and her prices are awesome and her service is top notch. And she’s funny and sweet and generally amazing.

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