The Magic of Retargeting

There are many times that I mention retargeting; to clients, to friends, to unsuspecting clerks at stores. Without fail, I always seem to get a glazed or confused look that says “Huh? What the heck? What were you targeting that you missed and have to retarget? Are you shooting something? ARE YOU A TERRORIST??”

Okay, I’m not 100% sure about the last part, but seriously, people look at me like I’m nuts. So let’s talk about retargeting for a hot minute.



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I’m sure there is a fancy and technical way to describe retargeting, but here it is in a nutshell. Have you ever gone to site (let’s say Nordstrom) and checked out a few items and then thought to yourself “I should pay for rent/insurance/groceries before I buy a new pair of shoes” so you leave the site and continue on your business of internet memes and Facebook stalking. But somehow……. those items you checked out stalk YOU. Every site you go to, there is a Nordstrom ad with the exact shoes/purse/dress/perfume you checked out! What kind of evil sorcery is afoot inside your interwebz??

It’s not sorcery friends, it’s retargeting. See, instead of focusing solely on driving new traffic  to the site, companies use cookies to show you their ads in your normal haunts online. Facebook, news sites (I’m looking at you Yahoo), and other heavily traffic-ed sites where people hang out are a great place to buy retargeting ads. The company already knows you are interested. So instead of trying to get more traffic that may or may not be interested, why not just keep reminding the interested ones about the products they liked?  It’s genius I tell you!

Because retargeting tends to run on lower cost media, and only goes after those that have already shown some interest, the effectiveness is generally a lot higher than regular search marketing. It’s a win/win for everyone…… except the shoe-obsessed fashion blogger who doesn’t need those new flats, but they keep following her around on the internet so obviously she MUST have them. But I digress.

So to make a long story short (too late!), retargeting is pretty bad ass. If you want more in-depth info (let’s be honest, I’m no retargeting expert) I highly recommend chatting with Joanna Lord the CMO at BigDoor. She knows a thing or three about retargeting…… and she has sweet fashion sense.