Transparent Tuesday – My Super Real Office

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU for all of the kind words and posts and comments I received last week for the swimwear article. I am so insanely proud to be a apart of such a cool group of women that were willing to put it all out there. And a HUGE thank you to Amy Gentry, the style writer for The Austin Chronicle, for inviting me to participate!

Now, onto the real post!

I haven’t participated in Transparent Tuesday in months, which bums me out. I love Authentically Emmie, and I love her idea to share some real life ish once a week. So this week, I want to talk about my workspace. As some of you know, I work for myself from home…… and so does my fiancé. This means we share a workspace in the house. Now normally, I’d be slightly ashamed to put it out there. And that’s because I see gorgeous Instagram pics of people working poolside or on beautiful patios. Or, I see amazing images on Pinterest like these…..

office 2 office 1 two desk office

(all images straight off of Pinterest. If this is your office, seriously, your office is AMAZING!)

I see all this greatness, and I’m like “My workspace is awful! I need to fix it and DIY some shelves, and add some curtains, and make a gallery wall!” But truthfully, my office is crazy and a perfect hodge-podge of Cathy-ness. So let’s take a peek shall we??

Whole desk

This is my whole desk. That pink ottoman on the left is where the cat sits and harasses me; the storage container under the right side is all of my craft stuff. I divided it up into sections so you can see all of the mayhem.

Desk right side

Starting at the bottom, you can see my pink mouse and mousepad. That stack is of 5 assorted notebooks (I am a notebook hoarder!), some folders that I cut in half to make dividers, as well as one of my client’s books. He’s amazing, and I highly recommend the book. Above that is a cute picture of my fiance and I at a friend’s birthday dinner. Yes, we really are that cute. Next to that is my oh-so-classy Miller Lite coaster. We found a huge stack of them in our garage. It’s the housewarming gift that keeps giving! Above that is a giant orange C that my friend Lauren gave me because she is awesome. Next to that is a bowl full of…… stuff. Cords, some owl clips, a hair tie, and a collection of tiny owls (see picture below). Above that is my Easter basket from this year from Mom; it’s Hello Kitty, and is also full of assorted notebooks and notepads. The pink and white box has all of my assorted tapes (regular scotch take and craft tape) as well as extra staples. The pink mailbox is from a Valentine’s Day present a couple of years ago. I keep all of the business cards I get at networking functions in there. You can also sort of see my tiny pink and black stapler there in the upper left corner.

The bowl contents……

bowl of owls

Upon further inspection, there are tiny owls, a small shell, a little Buddha statue, a Slytherin button (I got sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore – heck yes!!), a little stone with a scorpion on it,  a button that says I am Loved, and a Hello Kitty slap bracelet.

Desk middle

This is the middle section of my desk – where the magic happens! At the bottom is my laptop. It’s covered in stickers: Slave to Social and Austin Slave to Fashion are my two logos. Those as well as the pink owl were made by my friend Monique. Check out her Etsy store – she can make any type of vinyl decal you want! The heart is a logo from Social Print Shop, which is a great place to print your Instagram pics. I use Printstagram. The bunnie is by my friend Ruthie, and one day those bunnies are going to be EVERYWHERE, mark my words!! Above that is a black and white letter holder with a bunch of cards and stamps. The card hanging on the front is a thank you card my friend Monique made. She is so crazy crafty!! Next to that is my high heel tape dispenser. At the top, is our wedding binder. I looked at lots of them, but they seemed so overpriced, so I made my own. Behind that, I have a power strip on my desk, and I hide my cords behind it. I keep my phone charger and my laptop charger on top of my desk because I seem to unplug them all the time. You can also see the front of my owl mug that holds pens……

Desk left side

The left side of my desk is a hot mess. The item on the bottom left is an organizer that can hold my tablet. Turns out I don’t travel with my tablet that much, so it mostly just lives on my desk and covers up all of the papers under it! Next to that are my headphones. Earbuds hurt the insides of my ears after a couple of hours, so these are way better for listening to music while I work or binge-watching The X-Files on Netflix. They are pink and they cost like $25 at Best Buy.  Above that is a little purple owl dish that holds my pink owl earbuds. Yes, I have an owl problem. No, it will not be addressed in this post. That white thing next to it is my standing fan remote control. Yes, I am that lazy. Next to that is a cute pack of Kleenex, and the kitty brush. Sometimes she needs brushing while I’m working and she will annoy the crap out of me until I do it. Next to that is this amazing smelling candle from Nordstrom Rack. The brand is Evoque, and the sent is white tea and acai berry. It is what I image heaven smells like. Above that is my paper tray. Right now it has all of my expandable files in it because I keep telling myself I’m going to organize them……. someday. Next to that is my 3-hole punch which is quite useful for punching holes in the stuff for my wedding binder. Beside that is my three pen/pencil/marker holders. Two of them are pink baskets that match my paper tray, and the other is an owl mug. I also hoard fine-tip Sharpie markers, so I need lots of space for those.

This may seem all cutesy and pink and fun, but you might be wondering Doesn’t she share the office with a guy? How does he feel about all of that pink? I won’t show you his desk area (mainly because it’s completely immaculate) but I will show you some of his additions to our workspace……

Freddy and Jason

No your eyes do not deceive you. That is a life size cutout of Freddy and Jason. As you can see my pink ottoman and desk corner in the bottom right, you can tell that it is right next to my desk. They motivate me to work. You may also notice that bookshelf in the background. Let’s take a closer look……

Bookshelf whole

On the top shelf, we have Pinhead and some of the Cenobites as well as the puzzle box from the Hellraiser series. Next to that is a skull wearing a fez and sunglasses. On the next shelf, you can see a TARDIS in the corner, as well as one end of a sonic screwdriver. We’re big Doctor Who fans around here. There’s also a little drawing of an alien, an ape from Planet of the Apes, a mini Storm trooper, a statue of Predator fighting a xenomorph from Alien, and a Jaws waterbottle.

bookshelf bottom

This shelf just has some cool odds and ends that he’s collected. There’s a picture of Elvira in the back (she’s also on both of his computer desktops), an inside out teddy bear that a friend made for him, and a box with a gargoyle on the top. The cute soda can was from a friend, as is the skull sculpture. The little Freddy and Jason drawings were gifts from friends who met the artist at a convention. The card was from his mom on Valentine’s Day, and the bunny was a ceramic bunny statue that his sister bought and turned into a Frankenstein/vampire bunny. The geode was from a school trip back in the day, the little battle ax and coffin were thrift store finds, and the hand and brains were from Halloween costumes. The mini heart sculpture in Lucite was made by the same artist who made my bunny sticker. Awesome right?? The anatomical heart painting was a gift from me this past Valentine’s Day.

So as you can see, there is nothing normal, cohesive, or Pinterest-worthy in my office. I do not work in a space that’s tastefully decorated and ready to be photographed. It’s not very blogger-worthy, and probably could do with a serious makeover. But you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing. This is our office; it’s full of the stuff we love that has been given to us or that we’ve found and cherish. It may not be ready for a magazine spread, but it’s comfy and it’s perfect for us. Perhaps next week, I’ll show you the whole thing, with the mismatched pillow on the sofa (that is probably covered in cat and cat hair), my makeshift, coloring table, and Adam’s PERFECT desk.

What does your workspace look like?

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