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I buy a lot of presents. It’s sort of the blessing/curse of having a big family and a a bunch of friends. On one hand, I enjoy getting to shop for other people, and finding items that I think they’ll love. On the other hand. it can get expensive, and sometimes I just run out of ideas. So I was excited and intrigued when Uncommon Goods reached out to me about doing a review. Normally, I prefer to shop local whenever possible; Austin has a ton of awesome shops. But let me just put this little blurb here for you to read…..

“Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, UncommonGoods is an privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. We run all our operations out of the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal, including our warehouse where the lowest-paid seasonal worker starts at 50% above the minimum wage. We make it our mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers; in fact, half of what we sell is made by hand. Most of the products we carry are created right here in the USA, and about one-third of our entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials. At the core of our company is a great respect for the integrity of the creative individual and the belief that it is our responsibility to use our business to impact the world in a positive way.”

Pretty cool, right? Recycled materials, livable wages, ┬ásustainable, and based in the US – what’s not to love?? Right off the bat, I had a SUPER hard time choosing what to get. I tried to think “What would I want to get as a housewarming present?” But then I was like “Oh snap, I could have personalized jewelry!” ┬áThere are just so many cool things to choose from on the site, and narrowing it down was TOUGH. Finally, I picked 2 items.

Tasting Plate

tasting plate








Pop Top Glasses (Set of 6)

pop top glasses





So my first thought was “Dang, these pictures make these items look awesome! I hope they aren’t tiny or ugly when they get here.” Cynical I know, but there you have it. When they arrived….. I was sort of blown away. They are almost too nice to be in my house. Certainly too nice to be subjected to my photography……

platter with muffins







I tried to bribe the platter with fresh baked muffins. It looked great, but I still can’t take a photo to save my life. I was going to do dips and crackers, but I only had 2 dips and it looked weird.








The glasses huddled together on my table, trying to be polite but obviously unnerved by the crazy lady and her camera. How cute and vibrant are those colors??

platter and glasses







Group picture!! Everyone smile!! (Notice I still cut off a corner. God, I am a useless photographer.)

This site is AMAZING. Don’t be fooled by my kitchen-y stuff. They have tons of cool gifts, especially for ladies (or anyone with ladylike taste), and also some really fun and unique stuff for Mother’s Day (May 10th!!!). ┬áMy only word of warning is to check the pricing. They do have awesome items at every price point, but there are some things that are more expensive. And trust me, you are going to find like at least 17 things you are going to want from this site.

Take a minute to check out Uncommon Goods and see what awesome gifts you can find for yourself and your loved ones! (But mostly yourself.)

Disclaimer: Uncommon Objects furnished a gift card for me to pick items of my choice. All opinions are my own.

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