Warby Parker Has a New Collection and I Love it ALL

As you can tell from my many pictures (man I am VAIN!), I wear glasses. They are cute and fun, and I adore them. I would wear contacts, but I can’t. 1 – I am lazy as hell, and 2- I am creeped out by the thought of touching my eye on a regular basis.

Glasses are awesome and fun and cool, but they are NOT cheap. There’s the eye doctor appointment and the prescription….. and then the actual buying of the glasses. Between lens thinning (because I’m blind as a bat), nice (read: EXPENSIVE) frames, and all the lens-protecting/scratch-avoid protective coats, glasses can cost multiple $100s every few years.

Luckily there is Warby Parker. Amazing glasses, cute frames …… $95. Can’t beat it!

Warby Parker is releasing their new Winter Collection AS WE SPEAK, and they asked me if I wanted to share it with my readers. I took at the collection and was all “Heck yes!!” because everything is adorable. Let me show you my two favorite pairs:


Langhorn in whiskey-tortoise

These are totally going to be my new everyday glasses. I love the shape, and tortoise shell automatically makes you classy and smart, right??


Lyle in plum-marblewood

Everything about these glasses are adorable. The color, the shape…. everything. These would be titled my “Sassy Glasses” and would only be worn on sassy days.

You can check out the entire collection (new and old) HERE. Oh, and if great prices and cute frames are not incentive enough, they also believe in giving back. For every pair they sell, they provide a pair of glasses to someone in need, via a variety of non-profit partners.

I can’t wait to try these. Here comes Sassy Glasses Day!!


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