Wedding (And Life) Updates!

Y’all, it has been a hot minute since I posted – just over a month to be exact! It seems like the more I put into my work, the less I put into my blog. Sad, but true.

So let’s talk about what’s been happening. First, #TiltonTilDeath is only 2.5 months away!! Centerpieces are being assembled, paper flowers are being made, and everything is coming together. As I mentioned in my previous wedding prep post, I’m still working with The Piazza Center to get my face ready for the big day. I finished my laser treatments, and started on my microneedling treatments a few weeks ago.

My awesome technician Jennifer said that the results really start showing after the second treatment, so I’m going to hold off on my full report on it until then. But here’s a sneak peak of me in the cooling mask after the treatment was done – I look so fancy!!

Cooling mask_blog

I’m like a cross between Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the bad guy in Live and Let Die
where he rips off his fake face at the end.

In wedding fashion news, I have all the important dresses; 1 for the family-only Mass, 1 for the ceremony with everyone, 1 for the reception, 1 for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and 1 for each bridal shower. Yes, that totals 6 dresses. Yes, I love them all. And for all of them together, I spent less than 1 regular wedding dress! I also have my shoes for the Mass, but have yet to decide on the shoes for the ceremony and reception. I am not a super fancy, stiletto heel, jewel encrusted, open toe heel type of person, so I’m a bit at a loss for what to wear. I know I’ll find something great though!

dress snippet

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say this pattern is involved in one of the dresses….

I haven’t taken any outfit pictures lately. My fashion game has been SAD as of late, and I mainly just dress for being around the house. But I’m devised a strategy for getting some nice pictures done to do some outfit posts again. I miss being fancy!!

So that’s what been going on in my world. It’s all work, and wedding, and cat fur around here. I can’t wait to share the rest of my wedding style journey with you all!

Any suggestion on wedding shoes? Feel free to share! And yes, I am totally open to flats!

Be sure to check out The Piazza Center  – they do amazing work with skincare and non-invasive treatments! You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Disclosure: The Piazza Center is providing discounted and free services for the duration of this series. All experiences, thoughts, and reviews are my own. 

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One response to “Wedding (And Life) Updates!”

  1. Elgee Grace says:

    Awww yay! I’m helping my best friend plan her wedding right now too:) She’s still on cloud 9, and I’m over here trying to keep her grounded like “you have three more months!” Lol.
    Where are you getting your wedding ring? Any idea for custom designs place? So far I’ve only found one place but I can’t find any reviews of their custom work. I’ve heard it’s the best jewelry store in Austin but I can’t get the BFF to even research, all she told me was she wanted to find a place in town that does custom designs. Any experience with this place?

    I love the “mask” pic by the way. Lol.- good luck with everything!!!!

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