Welcome to Cathy360

I hope you are all sitting down. Because a change is afoot. A BIG CHANGE.

So without further ado…… WELCOME TO CATHY360!

You might be wondering “What the heck is Cathy360?” or “Why are you changing?” and even “Can we just get back to talking about clothes?

So the short answers to those are “Let me explain,” “Because it’s time,” and “Yes of course.

When I started the Slave to Fashion brand, it was a Twitter handle I came up with on the fly in January 2008. At the time, all I wanted to do was talk about clothes and fashion. So it worked for me. It was what I become known for (I even have a Twitter handle pin courtesy of Jen Hearts Art!), and it was my mark on the social media world.

Fast-forward ten years, and here we are. I have changed. I am not a follower of fashion, but more a student of personal style. I talk about body image and mental health and the relaxing properties of coloring like a kid. I talk about my clothes, my skin, my health, my brain, and my life. So the Slave to Fashion name doesn’t really fit anymore.

I started the Slave to Social brand in early 2013 after signing my first two clients to my burgeoning social media business. I came up with it in about thirty seconds and wanted to link to my existing brand. But again, I’ve grown. I’ve branched out from social media to other aspects of digital marketing, like email marketing and content marketing. Even dipped some toes is CRO. So the Slave to Social brand doesn’t really fit anymore either.

And let’s be honest; it’s 2018, and I know better than to use the term Slave in my title. It’s dated and it hurts people.

When I decided to rebrand, I asked my friend Julie for help. She was the smartest person I knew, and she would be honest and help me say what I was trying to say. When she died last year, I shelved the project. I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone but her. As 2018 started, I knew I couldn’t shelve it any longer. My brands were like skins that needed to be shed. I had evolved. My work had evolved. And I didn’t want to try and be two people. For myself, for Julie, I had to make a change. And thanks to amazing humans like Erica Breuer, Ilene Markowitz Haddad, and my sweet husband, it finally happened.


I just want to be me. My work and my writing doesn’t need to be separate; it’s all me, and it all works together. It only made sense to gather up all of my pieces and put them back together. Whole Cathy. All the Cathy. 360 degrees of Cathy.

I don’t know what the future holds for my work or my blog or even me. But I know that I’ve built a place here that I can express that. Whatever comes, whatever happens, it can happen here. Because this is all of me.

So yes, we’ll still be talking about clothes and style. I’ll still share my new (and amazing!) skincare regimen with you. And I’ll still write about my brain and my health and whatever else I feel like sharing. I’ll write about the state of digital marketing from the trenches, and share resources and classes for getting your marketing up and running. Because that’s who I am, and that’s what I love.

Welcome to my life and my work. Welcome to me. Welcome to Cathy360.