What Do I Want To See On Your Facebook Page?

So this post is written from my perspective as not just a social media consultant, but also as a consumer. Everyone is seeing those “Suggested Pages” on Facebook now. It’s right in your timeline, and it’s pages that Facebook thinks you might be into. Or, you get a message from a friend asking you to Like a page. Either way, you end up clicking (if you are nosy like me) to see what this page is all about.

please like my page

If you are going through the trouble and expense of promoting your page, or pimping out a client/friend/business partner/great aunt’s cookie business/ store you love’s page, you want to make sure that people are getting a lot of info in to 2-5 seconds they are going to look at your page and decide whether or not to click Like. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to make sure your page is new-follower ready.

1. Fill out the About section. I am constantly amazed by the number of pages that do not have their about section filled out. After someone looks at the pictures, their eyes automatically drift down for info. Do yourself a favor and fill it out with pertinent info; website/email/address/phone number and a sentence or two describing the business.

2. Edit your tabs. Now I totally understand that some companies are not social media savvy. Tabs (or apps) are the little boxes under your cover photo that have your pictures, Likes, possibly events, etc. You can totally edit those, and I highly recommend you do. You can put a link to join your email list, or to your Twitter/Pinterest/Linked In/Google+/Instagram account, or your Notes section. Change those around to keep followers engaged with you in as many ways as possible.

3. Swap out your photos. This is a HUGE one. Many pages think they need to put their logo and leave it….. forever and ever and ever until the internet ends. There is nothing more boring than no new pictures! Swap out your images and keep them current with new specials/events/holidays/etc. If you are daunted by the crazy sizes of the cover photo and profile pics, here is a handy guide to picture sizing. Bonus – it has pic sizes for a TON of social media platforms. Score!

What do you look for in a Facebook page?