What Do You Mean You Aren’t On Social Media????

I do a lot of different work for my clients. From social media 101 and social property set up, to long-running campaigns spanning multiple properties, I do it and see it all. And the one thing that always floors me is the people that are in business and have ABSOLUTELY NO SOCIAL PRESENCE.

What Do You Mean  You Aren't On Social

Why? Why is this happening? Why is it 2015 and I’m still hearing things like “Oh, I don’t do the Facebook,” or “Twitter is just a fad,” or “Who really cares about that stuff?” These are actual statements from prospective clients that I’ve actually heard with my own two ears. It bewilders me, shocks me, and pretty much gives me the vapors. So if you have heard these sentiments or said/thought them, let me give you three very simple reasons to be on social media.

1. People are looking for you. Whether it’s someone trying to find your contact info, a potential client researching your business or looking for your location, a competitor checking up on your work, or a 2nd cousin wondering what you are up to these days…… someone is looking for you. Someone is searching you or your business to find out about it. There are so many people and businesses online and they are who those perspective clients are going to see when they search; not you. You want to be wherever people will look for you. And you want them to see a professional, engaged version of your brand, no matter where they are looking.

2. Someone else will be you if you don’t want to be you. There are always people/spammers/hackers that are more than happy to squat on your social properties, and possibly charge you and arm and leg to get it back. Go and register them, set up the accounts, and claim ownership of your digital footprint. Don’t ignore it until someone tells you “I checked you out on Facebook, but your page was all sunglasses ads and scantily clad Russian women.” Unless you are in that particular business. In which case, SCORE.

3. You have a reputation to maintain! Nowadays, businesses and brands don’t have a lot of control over what is said about them online. All it takes is on disgruntled customer to write a nasty review and (whether it’s true or not) it’s going to end up at the top of the search page unless you are actively maintaining your online presence.  Take control of your narrative. Put current, relavent, and engaging content out there about your business before someone else puts out a less true and less flattering story.

If you want to set up your online presence or up your game, shoot me a message and I can help you get started!



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