What’s In My Bag Featuring My New Bags!

I’ve been meaning to write this new purse post for over a month, when I got my first new purse. But then I realized it wasn’t my ideal everyday purse. I’d gotten to used to my Vera Bradley crossbody for daily use. So I added another purse to the collection!

Adam and I were trying a new restaurant around the beginning of February. I called it “test driving” new places because I still wasn’t sure where we were going to go for Valentine’s Day. So we went to a new place in the old side of the Domain, The Grand Lux Cafe. The food was AWESOME, and we were stuffed when we left. Soooooo, we took a little walk to try and work off some of that awesome dinner. We happened to pass by the Michael Kors store (or maybe I was just drawn there) and they were having a sale. I ended up finding an awesome bag that could be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody, that was $300 marked down to $135!! How awesome is that??

Michael Kors bag

Michael Kors – Raven Medium Leather Messenger Bag (even more on sale and in 3 colors!!) 

It’s a big step down in size from my last bag, so I’ve been trying to fit everything I need in it. Downsizing does not come easy to me, though. I generally like to carry a huge stash of lip colors, as well as multiple lotions and hand sanitizers. Now, I have to be super choosy about what’s in the bag and what’s not. It has not been easy, my friends.

So I decided two things. 1 – I was going back to my favorite everyday bag, which was a crossbody from Vera Bradley, and 2 – I was getting the matching wallet. I ordered the one below, thinking it was a smaller wallet that would work in my smaller purse as well. Boy was I wrong. IT’S GIANT! Like, bigger than the tri-fold I had before. But I don’t care because I love it!

Vera Bradley – Turnlock Wallet in Northern Lights (lots of other patterns, too)

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you probably didn’t know that my sweet husband bought me a matching laptop bag, coffee mug, and water tumbler in this pattern. It’s my absolute favorite color combo (gray/black/pink) and I love the pattern, so I figured why not stick with what works? So I got the bag, and matching wallet. BEHOLD!

Double Zip Mailbag | Laptop Messenger Crossbody | Travel Tumbler | Travel Mug | Turnlock Wallet
All items in Northern Lights pattern

At first I was a little ashamed of all of my matchy-matchy stuff, but you know what? I don’t care. I love it for my daily use, I love the cohesive look, and I love how durable and comfy they are to carry. NO REGRETS!

So I have my beautiful black MK purse for when I am doing slightly nicer things, and my Vera Bradley for everyday use. And here’s what’s inside!

Vera Bradley_Northern Lights_Purse Contents

There’s all the regular stuff; Aleve packets, gum and mints, pens, wallet, keys, tampons, general riff-raff. The only exciting/super important things in there is my rosary, my selfie ring light, and my multitude of lip colors. I know what’s important, y’all.

So this post took me like a month to write. No real reason….. just laziness and an overabundance of client work. I’m glad it’s finally out! What’s in your purse?

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2 responses to “What’s In My Bag Featuring My New Bags!”

  1. How awesome that you have such a huge collection of Vera Bradley in that print! If you love it, and it’s your favorite color combo, why not buy up a number of pieces in the same print?! Now it’s becoming YOUR signature print!

    I wore cross body bags all year last year, but I’m back to the shoulder tote this year because I tote our camera everywhere. And yes, I also like to carry lotion and hand sanitizer! lol And usually my notebook and planner too because I like to write lists and record things on paper, not on my phone. Funny considering how much of my work is done on a laptop or phone!


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