My Word Of The Year for 2015 – You Won’t Believe What I Chose!

So, the last few years, I’ve chosen words instead of New Year’s resolutions. They are meant to be my watchword for the year, and to help me strive for greater things in the new year. I don’t usually blog about it; I just sort of mention it on Facebook, then bury it in hopes that no one will call me on it later in the year.

2015 Word Of The Year- ASTF

This year, I’m putting it all out there. My word of the year 2015 is DISCIPLINE. I’ve examined all of the flaws, shortcomings, and less than great aspects of myself, and this seems to be the root of all of them. I have like ZERO discipline. When something gets hard, I usually quit. When I mess up, I quit. When I don’t see results fast enough, I quit. Instead of just beating myself up for “failing,” I really examined what caused that perceived failure. It always comes back to lack of discipline.

So this year I will be applying some good old fashioned discipline to my life. The main areas I will be applying this in are as follows:

Adam and I are signed up for Financial Peace University (many thanks to Elmer, Jen, Philip, and Julia for teaching this class!) starting in February. It takes time, effort, and discipline to gain financial health, and that’s something I definitely want for us.

I am the WORST about getting on the healthy train, then getting back off the first time I “cheat” or “mess up.” My new focus will be discipline and health. I want to feel my best, whatever that looks like.

I have been less than focused and disciplined this last year, and that’s doing a grave disservice to my clients. 2015 will mean more discipline with my work, and more focus for my clients, current and future!

I’ve been a HUGE blogging slacker this past year. I haven’t written a word for Slave to Social for almost a year – a WHOLE YEAR! Seeing as that is my business site, it should be first on the list. I’ve also been slipshod with this blog. I will be disciplined with my editorial calendar and my personal writing this year.

Personal space
This is the one thing that I feel like I can hide the most. I have NO DISCIPLINE in my personal space. Laundry in piles, dirty mirrors in the bathrooms, messy workspace……. all from lack of discipline. My mind gets totally unfocused when my living/working space is in disarray, then I berate myself for being “lazy.” It’s not laziness; it’s lack of discipline. This year, I will take the time to care for my space and my surroundings. This might require me to wrap the cat in Saran Wrap to keep her hair off the floor…….

There are many things I enjoy that soothe my soul; listening to music, singing, coloring, walking……. and yet, I don’t do them with any regularity. This year, I will be disciplined, and make sure to make time for me!

2014 was (on the whole) pretty much amazing. I moved with, and got engaged to, the most awesome guy in the whole world. I got to continue pursuing a career I love. I grew some awesome new friendships. MY grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage. Sure there were tough times, and some sad stuff happened. But all in all, it was a really nice year. I want to make sure that 2015 is just as awesome, and all I need is a little DISCIPLINE.

What’s your word for 2015?

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